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acting lessons for beginners

Get The Basics Sat.|4PM|90Min|Ongoing

In this weekly core course, lectures cover many vital topics — The Actor’s Instrument; trusting your instinct; objectives & tactics; breathing; psychology relevant to acting — and more.
You learn the imaginative tools and processes actors use: imagination work, relaxation, stretching, breathing, movement, vocal exploration, sensory work, ensemble games and more. This class will lay the foundation of the actor’s craft.
  • Session 1: The Journey, Qualities & Qualifications of a actor and The Actor’s Instrument.
  • Session 2: Intro to Movement, Kinesthetic Awareness, The Warm-Up & Purpose of Preparation.
  • Session 3: Cold Reading Technique.
  • Session 4: The Actor’s Basic Skills.
  • Session 5: Scene Work.

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Improv 101 Mon.|7:30PM|90Min|Ongoing

Discover the joy of spontaneity through improvisation. The art of thinking and acting without the foggiest idea of what comes next. Learn exercises and games that build confidence and improve listening. The focus is on playing together, energy, commitment, teamwork, trust, making others look good, and the basic rules of “Yes, and…” and “No Blocking.”

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Living Your Life Sun.|4PM|90Min|Ongoing

Where else could students of any age overcome the anxiety of public speaking, become more focused, and be involved in bringing a story to life, come join us at Living Your Life Acting workshop.  This is an ongoing journey in which students learn such skills as character study, memorization techniques, scene study, working as an ensemble (team) and monologue study.  The final week, actors will perform in a showcase of the work they learned and developed in class for family and friends. It’s never too late to learn a new skill and shine.

The Meisner Technique Wed.|7:30PM|120Min|10Sessions

Explore exercises that strengthens the dynamics between people, the body language, the tone of the voice, the quality of the exchange between one human and another. Learn the process of “living truthfully under imaginary circumstances” – Meisner

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Acting for The Camera Thur.|7:30PM|90Min|Ongoing

This is a core course that prepares students with needed information and techniques for understanding the business, performance and audition approach to working in front of the camera. Through exercises with actual sides/copy the actor develops a clear understanding of how character is developed when working in front of the camera. Students get a clear understanding of movement, voice and focus for audition and performance.

  • Intro to the Camera/Developing A Character (Sessions 1 and 2)
  • Portraying Character for Camera (Sessions 3 and 4)
  • Audition Technique for the Camera (Sessions 5 and 6)
  • Playing the Scene for the Camera: Film & Television (Sessions 7, 8, 9 and 10)

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Audition Technique Fri.|7:30PM|90Min|Ongoing

Shortness of breath, sweaty palms, uncontrollable brain farts flatulence are all symptoms of audition jitters. We’ve all been there. You’ve been practicing for weeks, and you’ve prayed so much for the opportunity that you need knee pads. Alas, when you get in front of casting directors you go blank. You feel like a big bowl of failure soup. You leave the audition feeling terrible because you know that you could’ve done so much better. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t have bad auditions because casting directors are terrifying villains. Bad auditions happen because we fail to adequately prepare. At Good Acting Studio we believe that Good Preparation equals unshakeable confidence. The Audition Technique weekly course equips the actor with the tools to master auditions and combat audition jitters.

Session 1: Audition Prep
Session 2: Audition Performance

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Creative Dramatics Sat.|3and5PM|60Min|Ongoing

Creative Drama is an integrative process that develops imaginative thought and creative expression in children.  Through the use of movement, pantomime, improvisation, story dramatization and group discussion, children acquire language and communication skills, social awareness, problem-solving abilities, self-concept enhancement, and an understanding of theatre.  Rather than an attempt to create professional child actors, the goal of Creative Dramatics is to guide your child to self-fulfillment through the process of theatre techniques.

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