24 Mar 2012

Know Passion, No Fear

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  1. Pav says:

    Okay i know that drama schools and acitng classes and all that are wonderful, i’m already in a speech and drama academy. But what i want to know is how to improve at home, every single day. I love acitng it is my passion and my talent and the greatest feeling in the world and i don’t mind working hours on end! What i need to know is how to improve. I am 12 at the moment, but my family is too busy and my friends aren’t allowed round my house whenever so getting someone to watch is difficult, plus i would prefer something other than great, i would prefer to get some constructive criticism. So what can i practice. I have come up with doing something different every week, for example-Voice-working on articulation, pronunciation, accents, emotion, projection ect.Lines-coming up with effective ways to remember scripts and such.Body language and gestures-like it sayacitng-doing monologues, short plays, maybe a tv episode.Knowledge-Getting to know stuff like blocking (already know that but won’t hurt) fourth wall all the drama tech talk stuff.Of course i will merge it in together if the topic doesn’t really cover a whole weak, and i will be doing other stuff aswell. So how can i practice this. If you could explain the drama tech talk stuff, how to work on voice and that and certain pointers and help in everything. Also help with how to remember lines would be nice, in fact do that!! Even just giving a website would be helpful!! Thanks!!!

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