15 Feb 2012

Carpe Chicago

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Leslie, Good Intern Experience

Carpe Diem. Latin for seize the day; enjoy the present, as opposed to placing all hope in the future. This expression is said all over the world and can mainly be found in almost every High school teachers motivational or empowerment speech. You know like the one you never really paid attention to until something happened in your adult life that made the once irrelevant warp into the slap in the face relevance. No?? its never happen to you?? That’s right.. everyone’s perfect online! Welp! I guess Im the only victim.. for the past 3 months I’ve wrecked my brain in search of monologues and dedicating time between family vacations, school and various theatre related projects to memorize two contrasting pieces that would determine my future as a grad student or just another college graduate. Financially, I had no idea how I was getting to the Chicago audition nor where id lay my head… talk about starving actor.. food was the least of my concern I mean everybody has a dollar menu..right?? As time dwindled down I found myself nervous, anxious and completely indecisive. One minute I knew I had it in the bag and the next I was giving up and had made it clear to abort the mission and not go thru with the audition all together. Well after a few miracles and a heart to heart with my mother.. because that always gets the job done.. I felt at ease and like her words were on repeat..She said “you don’t have the gig now..and when you leave the audition you won’t have the gig until hours later.. and then its final, so what do you lose?” She was absolutely right! All the nervousness for what?! Anxiety why?? Because like she said I went into the audition seeking a spot and left the exact same way..nothing lost but an experienced gained. I took the good with the bad that evening and lived in the moment and appreciated it for what it was: Yet another blessed experience in my acting journey!

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